Q: How do i know if my day is available?

A: Click the CHECK YOUR DATE option at the top of the page

Q: Do you require a deposit and contract?

A: Yes, before we can secure the date for you, we must have a signed contract and deposit received. We handle everything electronically.

Q: What happens if i have to postpone my event?

A: If another date is available then we will gladly change the date with no extra cost to you, however, if the date is not available, you have up to 1 year to choose another date.

Q: Do you take requests at the event?

A: Absolutely! we love requests, however, we play them at our discretion especially if the songs have to be bleeped out or are objectionable in anyway.

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards, cash, checks, venmo, & Paypal.

Q: Do I have to pay the full amount all at once or can i make payments?

A: We accept payments all the way up to the day of the event, the bill must be paid in full by that time.

Q: Why do some venues require 2 setups? can't you just move the equipment around?

A: We could but then you and your guests would have to wait till we got the system up and running and its far easier to just have 2 systems running to reduce the down time.

Q: What if i have any more questions?

A: We are available by text, phone, and email. but if you do call our cell please be aware that we may not answer any unknown numbers due to the amount of spam calls we get per day. if you leave a voicemail, we will call you right back.