Camp Colton is a place of union, where all types of people find what they are searching for. It offers a premier venue to host small or large weddings, concerts, meetings, festivals, parties, retreats, classes, and more!

When you arrive at our venue, you will be greeted by a gate with stone pillars, a peaceful drive, and further on, a beautiful historic chapel.

The reception hall, elegant and timeless, waits for the party. Bridges carry you over two cheerful creeks. Delicate native plant life cascades down the walls of Canyon Creek, meeting its busy edge. Bee Creek bubbles through the camp as if straight out of a fairy tale. Dragonflies dance along it’s mossy edge and its waters cascade down a majestic waterfall, where the two creeks meet in their own union, heading towards Milk Creek. Trails will lead you through the vast, old forest full of wildlife, vegetation, and wonder.

Two system setup location